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But Jean is a girl's name

Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, is probably the common theme for a lot of the movies I've liked, visually

Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, is a comic book writer, and has done the artwork / storyboarding for a lot of films. You can read the wikipedia article, I will wait...

Done? OK Good. The interesting thing is that I’ve really liked the visual aspects of all the films he’s made, that I’ve seen. This includes films such as “The fifth Element”, “Tron”, and “Bladerunner”. The interesting thing about Tron is that the way the art looked was far more magnificent than the movie itself. Despite the fact that the movie looked very unique, and there hasn’t been a movie that looked so different before it, or since, when I was watching the special features I realised that Moebius had a far more dramatic vision of the Tron universe.

Tron 2.0, the game, should really have borrowed far more heavily from Moebius' work than from the movie, and I think if a new movie were to be made today, they should really use the original Moebius drawings instead of the original movie as inspiration.

Incidentally, keep an eye out for “The Airtight Garage”, which is supposed to be made into a movie.

[EDIT] Err whoops. On second thoughts forget about the airtight garage. It turns out the article I was reading about was written long ago.