The USS Quad Damage

... and from viewers like you!

The best thing on the intarweb is the ability to ZOMG ZERGRUSH!!!

One of the greatest things about having a website is being able to find the nutcases fine viewers and the search terms they use to get to this site. This iteration of the site’s been up long enough that we’re finally getting some decent search terms coming up, like:

* “michael o'ryan” guitar – Does he really play? I didn’t know. * gay “can get fucked” blog – I’m having a tough time figuring out if this is gay hating or gay loving. * what’s taters precious 2005 – I find it’s only marginally better than “what's taters precious XP”. * “she liked my friend better” - They always do. * south park steve erwin – Looks like Michael is the one attracting all the freakshows! * 0x0000007f windows 2000 – WTF? * kari byron zefrank – Together at last?

And my perennial favourite:

* “application error” ruby trailing “/” - So all those application errors were worth something!

Our old site still gets a couple of visitors. Here’s what they search for:

* stupid americans – Does this mean we’re prejudiced, or evidence that you can be stupid no matter where you come from? * g15 xorg evdev – loonix fprot tarball FTW! * lebs suck * strapping young lad kanji – Interestingly, it’s not Kanji, but just the letters “SYL” stuck together to look asian.


* fuck my uss – By far the best search term ever to lead to our site. * “ben moran” mini – I get these hits every now and then, and I feel vindicated for the guy that treated me like shit when I wanted to buy that trackball. Hopefully this will result in some lost sales. If only the same happens for fucking computer world. * “tim shaw” top gear – It’s like you guys are living a secret life that I’m unaware of!