The USS Quad Damage

I'm cooler online

Simple events can give you a lot of confidence. Only people can take it away.

I was writing an email today and I must’ve written something (like 101, and meant LOL), which made me feel entirely apt for the web-2.0-sphere. I started thinking about how “normal people” would either have no idea what I was on about, or would otherwise be unable to write what I was with the same flair that I had.

That’s right. I was writing with flair,

in a computer-ey way,

and no one else was able,

to say what I could say.

It was just a feeling, mind you. Sometimes you feel you need to follow some steps, or notes, or a recipe, but sometimes you think “ah fuck it, I'll just wing it”. If you feel the need to follow the steps, then you’re not with it. You don’t understand what it is you’re doing. If you’re an OK cook, then you might need a recipe, but if you’re a kick-ass Chef, then someone just needs to tell you what it tasted like, and you might just make something one better. If you’re an OK musician, then you might need the score, but if you’re great, you’ll just improv and it’ll be awesome.

Indeed, it was just a feeling,

“Ah fuck it, I'll wing it”,

I felt like a musician,

I felt I was with it,

I realised then that while talking to others in person I may come off as retarded, or shy, or whatever. Maybe too quiet, maybe too whatever. It’s something I need instructions in, something where if I were to perform aptly I’d need a recipe or a score, but on the webweb, I have a grace that I’m comfortable with.

Maybe I’m not a writer,

or a rapper, or a musician,

or a chef, or a poet,

Maybe I’m lame in real life

I’m cooler online