The USS Quad Damage

Gee three

Something about talented musicians

I went to G3 last night. It was quite good, though I think my brother had a better time than I did. He was in heaven, while I was merely in a good place. John Petrucci was so ridiculously good, it’s hard to believe he’s human. He only played about 5 songs, though, alongside Mike Portnoy and Dave La Rue. Then Vai started playing.

Vai is nuts. He is really insane. I also think he’s got a rule or something where his hair must always be flowing in the wind. He had fans sitting in front of him. He was also constantly humping his guitar. In short, he was everything I expected from him. Something I didn’t expect was Billy Sheehan on the Bass, and the awesome bass solos that entailed.

Joe Satriani was Joe Satriani. He had the classic songs, but after the other two he was slightly underwhelming, but still cool. In the end he played an extended version of “Always with me always with you”, which was amazing, and then Vai and Petrucci joined in for some extended solos. If there was a piece of the night that made it worth it, it was that moment.

Then the three of them played together for a bit, which sounded more like a mishmash than something really good. They played voodoo child among other songs in this arrangement, which was cool. I saw Johnny and Novac there, who I tend to see more during these events than any other time (Novac at least, I haven’t seen Johnny for a long time). I think Johnny said it best when he said he’d heard enough solos for a while...