The USS Quad Damage

And now for something you'll really like

There are many disadvantages to being sick, especially when you’re living outside of home. You feel shitty, headaches, nausea, weakness, and your throat is shithouse. At least it is when you’ve got whatever I’ve got. However, there are some good points. One of them is not going to work, which is great despite the fact that I’ve gotta get something bloody done. Another good thing is lazing about, playing video games, and updating my blog, which isn’t something I get to do a lot anymore.

So how are yaz all? Good? Good! It’d be nice if I had some free time to do a show, or take some pictures. Pictures are good because they give me an opportunity to write about them, and hopefully make a stupid story like hurshy did. Alternately, making videos and putting them on RSS feeds / Youtube / Google Video or whatever sounds like a cool idea. There are some god awful shows on the intarweb, most of them involving a couple of people sitting in front of a web cam talking shit. The problem with talking shit is that it’s heaps funny when you’re there in the conversation, but craphous when you’re watching it on screen.

Geekdrome is an example, as countered by Dave and Margaret at the movies. Firstly, Geekdrome is longer than an hour, which is pretty fucking dense. They should probably concentrate on making the show a solid twenty minutes and make sure it’s a good 20 minutes. Secondly, there are definitely issues with their mics and the way they talk. Geekdrome uses “like” as every second word, which makes you want to kill yourself after a short while. It’s also completely improv, and it shows. Watching people casually chat about movies for an hour and a half is really bad, but it has it’s upsides.

A show that’s massively overdone editing-wise is the show with ZeFrank. He’s always in extreme close-up, which is rather disconcerting with a 20" screen. He never blinks, and never takes a breath (rather, he cuts out the bits where he does either). Also, something about ducks. I’ve seen a lot of the show now, but I still don’t know if it’s any good. I mean, it’s compelling, kinda scary, kinda funny, but I always wonder if I have too much spare time every time I watch it.

Anyway, my point is that there’s not all that much quality on internet television, us filming something and putting it on youtube would certainly not make it any worse.