The USS Quad Damage

Being organised

I got F-Spot just recently. F-Spot is a photo manager for Gnome (which is an operating system on the loonix platform I hear). I got talked at by a person who told me to organise my photos, and he talked about how great Photoshop elements is. I then got talked at again (can you believe it?) being told how great iPhoto is. I asked if the “i” was for “idiot”...

I got talked at by a guy at Sun about how there’s no applications on mono (which is the .NET framework for loonix) but F-Spot is, and so is Beagle, and they’re both the roxor, except they is crash all the times. I’m gonna stop typing like that now.

I like how F-Spot is a double pun on G-Spot, and F-Stop!