The USS Quad Damage

Steve Erwin on Southpark :D

It’s episide 10 in season 10 and was aired in the USA on the 25th of October.

He’s an article on it called “South Park lampoons Irwin death”.

Don’t let the title fool you. Whom ever wrote the article devoted almost 3/4 of it’s text to Bindi Erwins new DVD. Now thats journalistic integrity!

If you like coping and pasting it’s very simple to create two complete articles by simply skipping the few words used to link the two amalgamated articles as well as adding a full stop.

Follow these five step by step instructions if you don’t know how.

Step one copy “SOUTH Park's creators have made a cartoon poking fun at Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's death” from the bald introduction paragraph and place a full stop after it.

Step two copy paragraphs 2 (the first one after the bald paragraph) to 6 and paragraphs 16-17.

Step three create a new document for the Bindi DVD

Step four copy "Bindi prepares to launch a fitness DVD “taking the bite out of obesity”." from the bald intro paragraph.

Step five copy all of paragraphs 7-15 and 18-23. with the exception of “The timing could not be worse after ” at the beginning of paragraph 7.