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A story about two reviewers and a singer has me more interested than the movie they're talking about

I’ve known for a while about Dancer in the Dark, a sort-of musical starring Bjork. The interesting thing about it originally (for me) was that:

  1. It was regarded as actually being a good movie (ie: with a good performance by Bjork, despite the fact that she’s not remotely an actor;
  2. The only reason that she agreed to do the film is if she could sing the songs; and
  3. The guy who directed the movie absolutely hated her.

I’ve wanted (mildly) to watch this movie just because of that. I don’t care about the story or anything as such, but it’s made under such strange circumstances with such a weird lead actor that it becomes an interesting story. Tonight, while watching “At the Movies with Dave & Margaret”, I saw a little montage reel where they celebrate 20 years on television. This is pretty neat in itself, and probably worth a post where I discuss how everything they both say ever should be written down for easy searchability. Hell, they’re getting old now, so I’d like to be able to generate some sort of “bible” with regards to movies when they die, so I can say “what would Dave and Margaret have thought about this movie”, or “WWDAMHTATM”.

Anyway, I found something interesting regarding “Dancer in the Dark”. Dave gave it a 0, where Margaret gave it a 5! I believe it’s possibly the only instance on the show where their opinions have differed this much. Hell, it’s the maximum possible dynamic range for their opinions. Generally the difference between the movies is about 1 star, possibly 2 if they really argue about it, but this is an entire 5 stars out of 5!

I thought "Wow, I’ve gotta see that movie!"