The USS Quad Damage

A Moment of Joy

What strange thoughts captivate my mind in the quiet solitude of a sleepless night.

Last night I found myself unable to sleep, so I allowed my mind to wander and skirted many strange issues as I am wont to do. Come daybreak, I reaffirmed something crucial - that for me atleast, there are three important things that are valuable in life... these being health, happiness and love.

Health is relatively straight-forward, your physical and mental wellbeing allows you to journey through life and affect every aspect of it.

Happiness is difficult to define in a general sense because it is so particularly individual. Many could argue that it is a state of mind and I see no inherent flaw in that perspective, but whatever it is - in our minds, (personal and wide-scale) happiness seems to be the driving motivator to continue and progress.

Now theres love. I can't even rightly contemplate the complexities involved in the many forms that love manifests. It seems to be a purely emotional and somewhat instinctual force that leaves within us a desire to love others and to be loved by them. In my normally logic driven mindset, love is an anomaly that I can't properly express or understand, but that desire for it has been prevalent throughout my life.

I don't often notice, or even like to admit it, but I am an extremely fortunate and lucky person. I am of (questionably) sound mind, able bodied and yes, even a much loved person by those close few individuals who bless me with thier friendship.

This morning I made sure to witness the surise. I basked in the rays of breaking light, I breathed in the cool morning breeze, I thought about those people dear to me and I couldn't help but smile. In that brief moment, I was truly happy.