The USS Quad Damage

Teething problems

So there seem to be some issues with the site so far. First, there are some wierd "application error"s that come up every now and then. Sometimes in Ruby, and sometimes in Apache. I'm not sure if these are bugs in Apache and Ruby, or if the server is actually killing these procs because they're taking too many resources. I don't mind the pages loading a tad slower (they'll be cached next time anyway), but I seriously don't want application errors... ever!

Secondly, the site's .htaccess is not setup properly, which means that going to "" won't work, you need a trailing slash. As soon as I cbf I'll fix it up, but it's been enough work getting the site to this level.

Thirdly, the blog is at, not I originally had it internally redirecting, but this causes issues with URL rewriting on ruby's part. I wouldn't mind having it at, and use other subdomains for other things, but I'd like a default redirection to the blog. I'll set that up when I have time.

Fourthly, I need to set up capistrano. Originally when I read about it, I thought "why? I've got such a simple site!", but within 15 minutes I was thinking "ah crap, I've now gotta change a bunch of URL's from 'localhost' to something else." A decent deployment system would really come in handy.

Fifth, there's still a few links here or there that either aren't complete yet or mistyped, and I've gotta fix that up. Hopefully a subdomain will correct those problems.

Sixth, CSS is not quite cooked. I've gotta put a bunch of work in to get things like quotes looking good.

Seventh, no favicon. I think people often use favicons to keep their bookmarks under control, and having one is a really quick way of having someone know "oh, that's quaddmg". I'll do one soon.

Eighth, no 404 pages. I really should write some so they look reasonable, at least, and hopefully it'll help draw the site together for even when things go wrong.

I'm also having minor issues with Site5. They came highly recommended, so I put down a year's worth of mullah to sign up with em, but my experience so far hasn't been all that grand. First, the wierd "Application Error" problems, and now the jail shell isn't working properly, so I can't login and do minor things.