The USS Quad Damage

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There's a show on ABC2 called Good Game. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Discuss. You can download entire episodes and see for yourselves whether it's a good show. I'll summarise my opinions on it:

It's a crap show. In the intro sequence, they show some TLAs with their meanings below it, like "LOL" with "Laughing out loud" below it. "FPS" "First Person Shooter", "RTS" "Real time Strategy". They bill themselves as a show "by gamers for gamers", but explain such simple things. It's retarded. The show is very dumbed down, so you'd think (like Top Gear), at least the writing is clever...

You'd be wrong there as well. We've written better reviews on our off days. If we made a competing show about gaming called "TCLOL" it would be far superior in every way:
Before you start to build your gaming machine, you need to figure out exactly what it will be used for. It sounds painfully obvious - "I want to use it for games!", but really, think about it for a moment. There are so many different types of games out there, all with different requirements. What you need to run relatively simple games, like Starcraft or Quake 3, is radically different to what you need to run something like Oblivion or Black & White 2.
... yyyyeaah. For gamers... Well done...

What's the good news? Well, hopefully it'll eventually become the "Top Gear" of gaming, encourage gaming in youth as well as encouraging young kids to become coders / artists / whatever. Maybe an Aussie mod community will rise up. Hack the planet! If enough attention moves down here then maybe game companies will set up shop here and we'll get an actual gaming 'scene'. Maybe I'm just being too optimistic.

Anyway, TCLOL y'all!