The USS Quad Damage

Everyone sucks but me

I haven't been posting much, but neither has anyone else. I've been working on a rails version of this site. It's going to be based on typo, but I haven't had much of a chance to work on it because I'm lazy and I like playing video games. Worse, typo's just hit 4.0, and I was using the svn repository. This means I'm gonna have to synch my repo with the official one, which promises to be a royal pain. Worse is all the unit tests that are broken left right and centre. I have no idea where to proceed. Perhaps I should've tried to make the site from scratch instead of trying to learn ruby, rails, and typo all in one shot.

Also, my life's been pretty boring. I've moved, so I'm doing a lot more stuff now. Cooking, travelling, meeting more people, but it all feels ho hum. Don't get me wrong, you guys are all fun and everything, but you know, hanging out is nothing new. I'm also still afraid of cooking, because of my horrible failures. The big problem is cleaning up afterwards. It's like an entire night gone to waste. I think I'm possibly just spreading myself too thinly on all my interests and obligations. I've been playing some games, trying to fit in the website somewhere, cooking and seeing you all ends up taking all my time. I haven't had a satisfying round of picture taking since the grave, and I know it was only a couple of weeks ago, but still.

I want to shoot a little skit or film or something, and I'm hoping with tim more free we can actually think of some ideas. Hopefully when I get the new site out of the way I can go back to working on luminous, and then a crazy MMOG or something.