The USS Quad Damage

Meaty Ohs

I got a copy of Meteos for my DS, which is a puzzle game by the makers of Lumines (which is on the PSP). This is the second game I've got other than Advance Wars: DS, and unlike advance wars, which makes excellent use of both screens but doesn't use the stylus (you can but it's less powerful than the D-Pad + buttons), this game is pretty much made for the stylus, although it doesn't use the non-touch screen very well.

The great thing about the DS is that it's got a bunch of nifty "stuff" that developers can use or not, so I don't really mind the fact that games only use a subset of the features. Brain Training and it's crappy "call out the colours" aside, I have yet to see a game that really uses the microphone well. The stylus was one of those things that I figured was probably not going to be great for fast paced gaming, because I haven't yet seen any games (on, say, palmpilots) that would do such a thing.

Meteos has changed that perception. You must move blocks, a lot, and you must move them really quickly. You can't possibly move them with the D-pad. The ability to "touch" a block and "drag" it to it's proper place is astounding, and in fact it's a lot quicker than a mouse would be for the same task. This is clearly awesome. I've been playing it a lot since I got it (about 2 days ago), and I try and squeeze in some play whenever I can. It's addictive as all hell considering.

Which really brings to light what I'm doing considering I could be playing the damn game! later peeps.