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Quaddmg club

I hope I'm not overstepping the mark here, as I am not a moderator, but I think it may be time where we write down some thoughts of rules etc. for contributing to this site. I think we should keep in mind that this should remain as open a forum as possible, but people also need to be able to contibrute without fear of flame wars etc.

First rule of Quaddmg club; No-one talks about Quaddmg club. (Sorry, I know it's old, but it had to be said)

I think we can all agree that this site is where people can voice there own opinions about things, and they shouldn't be taken as a personal attack against other bloggers.

I also think that it's in everyone's interest that, whenever someone posts something that others may have an opinion about, we all have the right to comment and post/voice our own opinions about that particular subject - even if it's in total disagreement. Name-calling should obviously be avoided.

I'm sure no-one here purposefully comments on others' posts disagreeing with them just because a particular blogger posted it.

For me, I welcome people to disagree with my own thoughts. I always try to keep my mind open and objective on subjects - and never discount the fact that I may change my mind later. That's not to say I never feel passionate about things (quite the opposite, there are many many things I feel passionately about), but I feel being stubborn and closed minded on issues doesn't exactly promote a healthy learning environment for your mind. If I were to post something and no-one commented, or someone basically just said 'yes I agree', then who's to say my opinion is the be all and end all of that subject? Hearing from many different sources is a good thing.

I love reading other people's opinions about my posts; if I am to post something, I obviously have a strong enough opinion about it to write it down for the world (all 10 of us, or however many people read this site) to see - and for someone else to also have a strong enough opinion about it to write down their own views, to me is somewhat of a compliment. I view getting comments on a post, whether negative or positive, as a good sign. People are actually listening to what I have to say.

In summary, I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion about things - and people need to recognise that everyone's views are not always going to be the same. If you were right about everything - I'm sure you would find the world a boring place.