The USS Quad Damage

The best show on TV

Remember that night I came over to watch soccer (Germany vs Costa Rica) at tim's house, and we were watching Rage from time to time? I taped that rage on my PC, and one of the videos had a spellbinding start of a man jumping off a balloon, practically in space. The music wasn't great, but it set the moment off perfectly. At first I thought "maybe this is really digitally edited footage, and they purposely made it grainy and shaky to make it believable."

So I typed "highest skydive ever" into google, and I got info about a guy named Joe Kittenger. I immediately typed in "Kittenger video" into google, and got this. It was the same video as the clip, so I have a higher quality version of it recorded. I think they've padded the music video with some clips of the water and stuff, but it's mostly genuine.