The USS Quad Damage

The bar above

The black bar above is great for splitting up the "header" part of this site from the rest, but it's functionally completely useless. I've known this for a while, but I've been too lazy to fix it. Not only can IE users not mouseover the links, the links aren't even all that useful. Further, it takes me a while everytime to figure out that we have a search function. Looks like it's not so prominently displayed. I recommended arrows to Julian, which he's implemented, but I haven't done the same. I partly blame blogger for this, but it's pretty much my own fault. The archives especially are in such a huge list, there's no way of managing it all. Maybe there ought to be a separate page for the archives. Further, "Story mode" should probably be changed to "the story so far..." and displayed a little more prominently. I mean, we've only had 5 episodes, and I want you guys to write some as well (bastards)!

We also need some way of collecting posts about ourselves, so there's more than just a little description of ourselves up there. I picture a collection of all of our posts when we click the faces. That plus a little bit of shifting, and probably even resizing the faces, and re-drawing them so I'm not stealing any real material.

This still leaves the question of what to do with the bar above. One idea is to move the story mode to the sidebar, as well as any other blogs of note, and have the bar above simply for the archives, which would give some easy way of browsing the past articles. The faces would select only the blogs written by particular people. I'll think more on this.