The USS Quad Damage

So Karismatic

Added some more Kari images. Enjoy. I'd add sarcastic comments but I'm doing it so much now that I'm wondering if I've crossed the line into "are you being sarcastic dude?" "I don't even know anymore".

So seriously then, one of the things I've always actually liked about Kari is her dress sense. She always wears out there wacky clothes, which sometimes go to the point of being bogan, but they're worn with such purpose it looks cool. The one episode of Mythbusters I've always wanted to upload pictures from is the balloons one, because she's wearing the most crazy shit in that episode. Here's a list I've compiled:
  • The black top with a lower-cut, smaller blue top over it. The arm-glove thingies make it look appropriate, despite the bogan appearance of the dress.
  • Bright pink and red top with fluro green fuzzy thingy and reindeer ears. Looks like something a five year old would wear, but she's like a five year old "whose ass just will not quit", whatever that means.
  • Finally, and most importantly, the white singlet with a black bra (with straps showing), and a red jumper and a kilt. The wolverine claws add a touch of the ordinary. Seriously, they should totally make a poster with her wearing that outfit and the claws!
I'd like to assert that I'm still masculine, despite the fact that I've been talking about clothes in this post.