The USS Quad Damage

Coaster factory

I've been burning DVDs today to free up some space on my hard drive. Out of 5 attempts I've only burnt 1 successfully. It doesn't appear to be my burner's fault, as when I pull the DVD out I can clearly see areas where the plastic is malformed and the data is clearly not burned. It's interesting the difference there is between CDs and DVDs. With CDs I've had a relatively good experience with burning, and considered switching off verification altogether. With DVDs, however, it's all too important to check that the data has been written correctly.

I've bought no-name el-cheapo DVDs, which does imply a lower quality standard, but considering my failure rate, it's surprising that you can legally call them DVD-Rs at all.

On this note, I've been looking for a good CD burner for gnome for a while now, with no avail. GnomeBaker is an apt solution, and much prettier than GnomeToaster, which is simply too kludgy to constitute any sort of solution to the problem. However, missing a "verify" feature implies that I'm stuck with the proprietary, ugly, and yet somehow still the best solution I can find so far: NeroLinux. I'm eyeing bonfire, which looks like it'll have some sweet features (but no mention of verify), but I really don't want to be forced to use k3b, which, despite the fact that it looks like the best damn burner I can find for linux (a lot like Alcohol 120%) is for KDE.

Fuck KDE.