The USS Quad Damage

Like a tiger

I had an interesting experience while driving home on Friday night. I was driving home from work, speeding just a little, as everyone is wont to do when going home from work. I must say I was being conservative considering it was a friday night and everyone was travelling 20kph over the speed limit as opposed to the "standard" everyday protocol of 10kph.

Speeding up from behind me comes some fierce driver. I was thinking "wow, this is one of those crazy 1 in 10 drivers that decides for some reason to drive 40-50 kph over the speed limit instead of just 20." When it went past me I realised it was a copper, and slowed down a little. I'm not sure why, because it had already passed me, but still. The cars in front of me were still speeding, and the cop car casually changed lanes behind it's victim, and flicked on the lights. The guy was pulled over. We all kept driving on.

I felt like a deer stalked by a lion, that got away.