The USS Quad Damage

Kim is not that fat

I met Kim Beazley in the city today. I was quite surprised, as he is a lot slimmer than he looks on tv. It looks like he really has lost a lot of weight over the past year or more.

He had his minder with him, but he was more than happy to shake people's hands and have a chat to them, and he seemed really friendly.

I was just standing at a set of traffic lights waiting for the little man to go green so I could cross the road - and he just walked up next to me waiting for the little man to glow bright green. Dammit. I'm trying to make a joke by referencing John Howard in here somewhere, but I just don't have the wit!

Anyways, at first I was a bit afraid that I'd act like a fool if I went to say hello to him, so I just crossed the road next to him - in fact I kinda followed him for a while - I'm sure I freaked him out a little at some point there. There were other people around too just walking right by like they didn't know who it was. I couldn't believe it, as he's quite easy to recognise.

I finally got the opportunity to go shake his hand and say gidday when this big guy walked past and started saying "hey, it's you (giggle), hey, look, (giggle), hey hey, how are ya man, (giggle) I'm a fan I'm a fan (giggle) okay see ya man (giggle giggle)".

It was not a hard act to follow.