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Comment from Hannah from Alice

After my girl bashing article I got a comment from someone outside of our little group (and Alan Green). named Devon (I have no idea what he / she was talking about) and Hannah, which initially seemed juvenile but surprised me, when I thought about it.

I've reproduced it here for your convenience:
You're too much of a wuss?? Umm, no, sorry maybe too stupid.
And why is picking on guys like, braver then picking on girls, maybe its due to the fact its easier to pick on girls (I mean, come on, its pretty much a televised sport) then it is to pick on guys so you might just be LAZY as well as stupid.
Now, I too got super pissed at that particular issue of the escapist. only I got annoyed over the whole "women like social stuff" bullshit by some guy who read a lot of books on evolotion but didn't talk to a lot of girlgamers, hell any girls for that moronic article.
I would send you a link to what I wrote in reaction to it at the time but my mother banned me from making my blog public.
You're thinking lady gamers are freaks is pretty insulting, not to mention ignorant. I mean, where do you live? under a rock?
Pretty much all my girlfriends play video games (OK 2 of them plays the sims, which I dont count as a game as it annoyed me. INTENSELY.) At the moment I can (very sadly)only play games using zsnes but I do play games and I am not a freak and neither are my friends. We are normal girls. I would write a more coherent comment but I am tired right now..
Hannah, Thanks for your response. You're 13, right? I can tell, not just from the fact that I have an unhealthy obsession with underage girls, not just because you mentioned your mother banning you from making your blog public, but because you're a self important bitch who thinks she's somehow mature.

You're not. You're a little girl. You'll realise that when you're 16, and again when you're 21, and again when you're 25, and probably many more times. I know from when I was a little girl.

Picking on guys is braver than picking on girls because, as you say, it's easier. You're weak and have no say in society, so I can be weak and still pick on you and feel good about myself. You could call it laziness, but I'm not really lazy, just a coward.

I think we agree about Chris Crawford (women like social stuff guy) here. I "don't appreciate his views on gaming" and have called him a "doo doo head" on many occasions (but never to his face, because he'd beat me up). One of the points I was trying to make in my article was that despite the fact that he's probably right. I mean, 2 of your girlfriends play the Sims!!! You're practically proving his point! However, I agree with you in that the sims is not a real game.

Now, for your next point (me thinking girl gamers are freaks) I was going to write something mean like "look yourself in the mirror girl, you're a freak", but then I realised that I was wrong! Wrong in a delightful way.

See, I went to a primary school one day (a long time ago) and helped set up some computers. A little girl was in there talking about PCs. She wasn't a freak, rather an attractive, elegant, confident young lady who was into computers. I remember envying the computer nerds who followed me, because being into computers wasn't going to be wierd any more. I remember feeling really proud that day.

I'm thinking that maybe you are normal. I think that maybe you're like that girl I saw in that school. Maybe you and all your normal friends who populate your school play video games and you talk about em at lunch. The girls who are my age are the freaks, because they had to enter a place full of guys and feel really out of place, but despite all the bullshit, despite all the "no one cares about women in gaming", despite the "we need to make social games for chicks", despite nobody actually giving a shit about making games that women really want to play, in 10 years we're going to see hordes of boys and girls playing games, as normal people, and nobody will give a shit that they're boys or girls, they're just gamers. You're the brave new world, girlfriend.

If you were legal, I'd kiss you!

Wait, did I step over a line somewhere...