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The Television Party game

If you were televising a dinner party where you could invite any 6 people living or dead (using time travel, not reanimation cough) who would you invite? How would you arrange the table and what food would you serve?

First, I would like to say how disappointed I am that I can't host an undead dinner party (involving zombies). I've also taken about 9 months to answer this question. I've just got to face facts that no matter how hard I try, I'll never fulfill all the potential that's in this question. Not only the people, but also the way they can be paired, and what they can be given as food.

Initially I wrote a huge post with many wikipedia links of who I might pick and why, but my browser ate it. On top of two hours in traffic, this day has been one big waste of time. So, without reasoning this time, I give you the members of my dinner party:

1) Bach
2) Rudess
3) Socrates
4) Kurt
5) The person who's suffered the most pain in their lives in the entire world, EVER.
6) Gandhi

OK, maybe a bit of reasoning. Bach and Rudess would get along great, and we see a master teach and learn from a contemporary legend. Socrates and Kurt to see if Socrates can talk Kurt out of killing himself, considering his own fate. The person who's suffered the most pain in their lives in the entire world, ever, so that no one else bitches about how bad they've got it. Gandhi because he was killed by his own people, when he helped them become a nation.

There'd be a small table and couches, so you'd have to grab your food and sit on the couch. There'd be copious alcohol on tap, a grand piano, a guitar, a few notepads and pencils, as well as whatever the hell else you find lying around the house,

I'd serve vegetarian food for Gandhi's sake (and likely my own, even though I'm not going to be there), although I don't think anyone except Bach and Socrates would mind, and it would at least be interesting conversation. It would be served inside fake animal parts.