The USS Quad Damage

now winter nights

Is it just me or is nwn looking like a better buy now than ever before? I mean, you can now get the platinum edition for ~$70 and the mods for it are bigger and better than they've ever been. I mean, there's a d20 modern mod, and I'm really considering using that instead of using pnp. I was mostly spurred on by the escapist. The only thing really missing is nathan's blessing. I think people hate nwn when it came out because it wasn't what people had hoped it would be. I've always thought that those hopes were really too high, but so many years on and it's still being developed, and I think it's getting closer to the hopes and dreams that the pnpers had of it so many years ago.

I think that Bioware have got to be crazy not to make nwn2 backwards compatible and build upon nwn to make it what people have always wanted. Maybe a few years too late, but has the dream really changed at all?