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Pwn breakfast

An interesting question was asked about the nature of the product "Weet Bix". Is "Weet Bix" the plural or singular? ie: if you have 3 on your plate, do you have "Weet Bixes"? Contrariwise, if you have one, is it a "Weet Bic"?

This is a problem which occurs when you "productise" names. You see, if they called it "Wheat Biscuits", or "Wheat Bicks", they'd probably be unable to trademark the name, so they changed it to be trademarkeable. Unfortunately, this trademarked entity is now unclear on it's pluralage. I see productization as leet speak for marketers, only less funny. I find leet speak funny because I've never seen anyone actually talk that way. With marketing, the spelling pervades everything we do. "Light" becomes "Lite". Why? Nobody even trademarks "Lite" anymore.

I propose the solution is to call them "w00t b1x0rz". That way, the singular is clearly "w00t b1x0r", and they can keep the 'X', which makes them so "X-Treme". In conclusion, leet speak is superior to marketing speak, which is absolutely abhorrent.

Note that no matter how intelligent you are, if you pronounce it "nucular", you sound like an idiot. Don't do it!