The USS Quad Damage


How did I manage to get so much junk that I think I need a NAS? I just bought a 300GB HDD (Maxtor SATA - $199) so I can backup the contents of a 250GB drive that is dying, I was thinking of building a file server for a little while.

Recently I saw the ReadyNAS NV unit it'll cost a little over 1k, but the thought of being able to buy it and just throw HDDs into it and having it just work...

But then could I live with myself buying a preconfigured unit for use at home when I really should be setting up a proper Linux server? How many people here have got a Linux server set up here? Any of you guys played with LVM, backups (from network, versioning, and DVD archive?) and/or system partitioning?

What I really want to use the VLM from Linux to manage my storage, with the ability of play windows based games and use the OSX as the base OS, I guess I’ll need to wait for a hacked Intel based Powermac or just switch between three of my computers.