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lolz muzik indestree

The music industry finally got it's act together in Australia and has offered the ability to create your own cd albums (AUD$1.68 per song, $2 per CD). You can also download them directly onto your mp3 player.


Atleast thats what they want to believe in their deluded world.

Seriously if this was done maybe half a decade ago it would actually mean something. Now days every computer comes standard with a CD/DVD Burner and just about everyone has internet access. Dvd's cost less than a $2 and CD's cost a fraction of that. Every CD/DVD burner comes with a CD burning program that can turn your MP3's into CD's. MP3 songs are usually between 2megs and 5 megs which takes only a few minutes to download on a 56k modem.

The only real advantages of this system are that, I assume but am probarbly wrong, that the songs are normal CD quality and that Australia is the first country to use it because it is a violation of Australian copyright law to take songs you own on CD's and put them onto your MP3 player. It's also a violation to download your music and burn it CD unless you've bought these rights. This was highlighted when Apple released it's IPod and for many months afterwards there was no legal way to put popular label music on your IPod.

The greatest feature which I doubt they'll actually put in these things IS the ability for them to sell independant music. You could have a bio about each of the artists or a search for Australian artists. Ofcourse you'd need to be able to listen to the music before hand which I hope is a given.

I probarbly should point out that just like ITunes predated this "machine" so is there a ton of sites online that already allow for the above idea.