The USS Quad Damage

LFM to save the world... again!

You awaken in a strange new world with nothing but the clothes on your back, a dagger in you hands and a sense of purpose that burns deep in your soul. You look about your surrounds and discover a man in heavy robes and a pointy hat off in the distance. As you approach this mysterious figure, you notice a strange symbol hovering above him, glowing bright and golden... the symbol reveals itself... "!"

The old man beneath appears troubled and beckons you closer, "Hail stranger, I am glad to have found you in these dire times. I have a matter of the utmost urgency that could shake the very foundations of this world. You must assist me!"

Before he can continue any further you interrupt him, "WTF noob, i just started this lame ass game and can barely walk in a straght line, and you want me to help your sorry arse to save the world?!? lrn2bean00bfewl... ya rly!"

Now that I have piqued your interest, please head over for a barrel of laughs (pls go through all the pages of the story).