The USS Quad Damage

Life and Language

I don't feel that people around the world are all that different. We all eat, sleep, work and play. For some the most important thing is God (or Satan), others its family and for others its wealth. I personally work on a karma like system, not in a spiritual sense but a practical one. If you treat people well they are more likely to do the same to you.

Here in Sapporo I find people generally easier to talk to. Maybe because its a smaller city maybe because I really stand out here. Random strangers would start talking to me, both men and women. And with the weather being the way it is, your options get a little limited. Either bars, clubs, pachinko or karaoke. Which is bit of a shame. What can people do?

On the first night I went out here, my friend introduced me to a girl who I think, wanted me to bite her nipple. On subsequent visits to the same club we met equally strange people and thus decided to avoid that club entirely. Different people include a girl that I went out on a few dates with but we didn't have all that much in common and, it turned out that she liked my friend better (bi-atch). Since then I was getting friendly with a cute barmaid but I never got that feeling from her that she wanted to go out on an actual date. Now there is someone else but you all will just have to wait to hear about her.

The other activity that has been consuming my time is my Japanese language study. Granted I've only just begun learning the language but the systematic nature of the language is immediately apparent. You can take a regular verb, fiddle with the suffix a little (leaving the stem completely intact) and transform it into its negative, past, potential or adjectival form with ease. I'm also noticing a relation between different verbs of similar nature having a seemingly structured relationship. eg. "to use" = Tsukau, and "to make" = Tsukuru (to be using?) and then "to be exhasted, used up" = "Tsukareru".

But some where along the line it got all messed up. There are a ton of homonyms that I believe stem from about 1600 years ago when Kanji (Han dynasty character) was introduced. And to distinguish between them its partially possible to use a very Chinese like intonation system. but regional accents screw that up anyway.

well this is a pain in the ass writing this on a mobile so till next time.