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For a long time I've figured that the higher octane fuels, when used in big cars like Commodores or Camrys, makes no difference. However, I've had little evidence to back that up, other than a hunch, and a lot of friends who claim different. Even Today Tonight had a story on how buying higher octane fuel was cheaper, and I figured that would be based on some sort of fact (I can't actually find the story on the 'net, so maybe I'm imagining the whole thing, but the point still remains that a lot of people think that premium is cheaper than ordinary unleaded). So it's good to read on the Open Road magazine that:
It's a widespread but misguided belief that if you use a high octane fuel your car's performance will automatically increase. "You won't achieve any improved performance from using higher octane fuels unless your vehicle's engine is designed for them."
Generally, large cars (holdens, fords, Toyotas), and most jap cars like ULP. Turbocharged cars and european cars tend to like PULP, and crazy sports cars like UPULP, but you don't gain anything from putting UPULP into a Commodore. I hope this stops someone out there from wasting their money.

The ABC awards (also in the Open Road magazine) were an interesting read. The Focus won the cheap medium car award (Honda Accord for expensive medium car). It's good to see the Focus being not shit. nathan should be happy. However, they spend about half the text talking about how well the Mazda 3 is selling, and how it's high demand and therefore high price made it lose to the focus.

Also good to see the Mitsubishi's 380 finally hit paydirt with the Best large car. They really were putting all their eggs in one basket, and a 3.8L 6cyl FWD does sound a little ridiculous. Trevardy says it feels cramped, but the review says it's not. Anyway, good on em. Hopefully they'll live long enough to make an Evo X, and hopefully an Evo Unlimited which is a MMOG which we can all enjoy, shortly followed by Evo: Advent Children which is basically just a crap movie trying to cash in on the glory days of the Evo VII.

Also good to see the Koreans do well. Hyundai Getz won the small car award and shows that when making cars on the cheap, Hyundai knows how to do it best. Even the Sonata was mentioned in the Large Car category. It's odd to see how in the field of cars and electronics the Koreans aren't as good as the Japanese, because Korea's always struck me as being superior to Japan in every way possible.

WTF is with so many 4WD categories? 1 is enough. Stop encouraging people to buy that crap.

Also, if you've ever read the Open Road magazine, you would've seen Bayswater Car Rentals confounding ad with the "no birds" slogan. Looks like someone gave them a ring to find out WTF Mate:
For years Sydneysiders have engaged in furious alehouse debate about the meaning of the Bayswater Car Rentals "No birds" advertisements. We called the number on the ad and spoke to a rather curt supervisor named Michael.

Radar: I was just hoping you could solve an age-old mystery by telling me what "no birds" means.

Michael: It's an advertising slogan.

Radar: I'm aware of that, but what does it actually mean?

Michael: It means "no frills".

Radar: But how does "no birds" mean "no frills"?

Michael: It means "no gimmicks". Look it up in any dictionary.

Radar: Well, originally I thought it meant that you didn't need girls in your advertising.

Michael: That's exactly what it means.

Radar: OK. Then how come you've got a naked girl in your advert now?

Michael: [pause] Because sex sells.

Radar: So you're into frills after all?

Michael: For the purposes of advertisements in newspapers, yes.