The USS Quad Damage

Scattered thoughts

It was only ever going to be a fantasy, but I still bled from its loss. Perhaps I’ve finally learnt what I needed and will stop making the same mistakes.

Here are some snippets I feel like sharing:

Ten ways not to get that job, slashdot post

I found this amusing, it was talking about gifts for various anniversaries – “A new list needs to be created to identify what it is we want to commemorate our hasty, disposable and materialistic lives. First year: iPod shuffle. Second year: iPod mini. Third year: a full-size iPod.� -

I went to this place for dinner on Tuesday, basic décor, very interesting foods and 1/3 of the menu changes every two weeks –

This article is about how as a society we are moving away from the focus on material well being in our own lives but that has still yet to shape public policy – “Uncomfortable living in a material world� -

Apple's closing share price on the day they announce the new laptop and imac was $80.86 =) -