The USS Quad Damage

The Weather

This may be another age related (and therefore quite depressing, once more) question, but is anyone else sick (meant more literally than figuratively) of this heat?

I mean, seriously, I don't think Humans (at least us wussy white fellas ;) ) were meant to survive in 47+ degree temperatures. I know that my garden/grass wasn't meant to (a lot of my plants died on New Year's Day).

It was apparently the second hottest day ever recorded in Sydney.

In the near future, I am sure there will be hotter days than this, and much more of them.

Global Warming really does have such a wide/varied range of consequences. I think it's quite scary to think about it.

Oh, on a slightly unrelated note, I am growing what seems to be an Amish beard. People tell me I can no longer have a zipper in my pants. You must now all call me Jacob.