The USS Quad Damage

Happy New Year

Ran into Trev from HS today. He seems to have lost some weight (he's still big, but not as big as I last saw him). Or perhaps it could just be that he got a haircut (he was creating new species in their last time I saw him.

Sadly, he failed 1 subject (Chemistry) at Uni (from 7), so he's decided not to become a Maths teacher after all. Instead, he's going to switch and study Music part-time at Uni and Full-time at TAFE QLD doing other Music related courses (Stage and sound set up etc). Probably best for him, I'd say - never really saw him as a Maths teacher - he used to be the one making fun of the teachers. As usual, he is spending his time partying hard, playing random gigs with his band, and working at his Dad's lighting shop, when he can - to save money for partying hard and buying equipment for his band.

Some other updates: As you may know already, Sharon is 7 weeks pregnant with Jarrad. I think it's fantastic! Baby will be born sometime around August/September, so looking forward to then - and I hope everything goes smoothly.

Martin from HS is also going to be a Dad. His g/f is 5 months pregnant. Martin was always the responsible one in HS, so this story seemed a bit odd when I heard it. His g/f used to go out with Barney, but after a couple of months it ended (I don't know for sure by whom) and she started going out with Martin straight away. 2 months later she was pregnant. Don't get me wrong though, I know Martin's a great guy and I am sure he knows what he is doing. In fact, I know he will make a really great dad.

Trev said that Cheyne is a bum. And yes, Novak is going out with Siobhan.

This update kinda sounds like I am spreading gossip in High School, so I might end it here - but I am sure this won't be the last one. As much as I hate to think it (reminding me of how quickly life seems to be going), our friends past and present are reaching significant ages in their lives - marriage, kids... and soon enough, divorce.