The USS Quad Damage

From Sapporo with angst

OK, this was supposed to be some insightful look into my own Psyche and give some explanations for why I'm currently walking through three foot snow half way around the planet. well I can at least try.....

For those I don't know or those who just didn't know I'm currently living in Sapporo Japan, one of the northern most cities in the country and as a result one of the coldest. I came here for a few reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to leave Australia for a while and mostly get away from Sydney for a while. I have some great friends there but I was bored, I was seeing the wrong person and some parts of the city kept reminding me of an ex. I kinda have the tendency that, if I cant fix a problem (or just don't want to) I run away from it, Yeah I know its stupid and unproductive but at least I am aware of it.

Secondly, I have for quite some time wanted to come to japan and to just live somewhere different for a while. There were lots of small things that led up to this, including but not limited to me actually being able to speak a little. In high school we were forced to learn a language and I was assigned Japanese, in primary school I had a Japanese girl as a pen pal (Uchida Yuki from Osaka, Hmm I wonder what she's doing these days), My Dad traveled here several times on business and brought me back little presents. And I studied Japanese as a Gen-Ed at uni.

Some people said I was coming here because I wanted to find a cute Japanese wife, and although the thought has crossed my mind its not a goal.Yeah, Anime is kinda fun to watch, but again not really a contributing factor. The culture is different here but I'll never truly be a part of it, and someday I will have to return to Australia.

My Impressions of this place... Well I like it here, strangely, even though I have to speak a foreign language to communicate I find it easier to talk to speak to people here. people are generally more friendly and being six foot tall in a land of midgets I really do stand out (OK over exaggerating but I can see straight over most peoples heads here). I came here in autumn and I noticed all sorts of small things that were a result of the snow. things like little plates of the roves that stop the snow sliding off in one huge chunk and all the cars are four wheel drive.....

well there you have it, next episode will be a discussion of the repercussions of the Chinese language ruining what was a pure and logical language to begin with.