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Chronicles of Narnia

Umm. In a word. Lame.

In two words. Disney Lame.

In a short sentence. Disney childrens movie with a technically nice battle scene without blood.

Yes I've seen the movie and it stinks of Disney. Seriously it's target audience is children and it shows. There is next to no blood in the film and definatly no blood when ever there is "bloody action" such as a fight. The only blood that does appear is to show that something is injured. Like one of the boys lips being bloody or a pool of blood to show one of the animals in the movie dead. Note one and only one.

The main battle scene while technically good doesn't seem to have any flow into it. Avert your eyes for the rest of this paragraph if you don't want any spoilers. It has a plot twist simular if not worse than all those ghosts comming and saving the day in the LOTR:ROTK.

The main characters are told they are instrumental for the success of the forces of good triumphing over the forces of evil but they do jack all. Kinda like Frodo falling down all the time and how he doesn't do jack in the movies except there are 4 of them. Honestly the forces of good would have been better off without the children there to hamper their every effort all the while bitching and complaining that they want to go home.

The "hero's" seem to switch from loser kids to hero's in one sentence. Not to say there isn't character development at all just they all seem ready to pack their bags and leave until one of them says something.

Even more anoying is that the way one of the said children vanquishes his foe is ripped right from a scene from the sci-fi channels Dune series. This invloves Paul killing for the first time. Although in Dune Paul actually knows how to fight and his scene signifies that all his experience is from simulations and not from the real world as he's never actually had to kill someone before. The scene from this movie has the child just standing there as his foe jumps at his sword and impales himself. Bravo.

As for the ending. It didn't need to be there. If you wanted to make a sequel then include it as part of the sequel. Sigh. Also where the fudge did Santa comes from? I mean WTF?!

If your expecting something that even comes close to the movie timeline you'll be disappointed at the the movie. Run now if you expect something simular to Pj's LOTR movies :(

If your a child under the age of 15 or have children under the age of 15 by all means watch it (With your children ofcourse). Children will love it. As will anyone who ignores the whole plot and just sits back and enjoys the special effects of the movie allowing themselves to be immersed into the world of Narnia.

In summery it's just a Disney Childrens movie with a battle scene and special effects.