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Guys, your move

I know I have a lot of things working in my favour and so far I’ve only had one friend tell me she was interested in taking things further. That was about the most unambiguous show of interest I got from a friend, most of the time they give up before they get that far.

One of the people I worked with in Brisbane asked if guys really are that clueless, and how there was only ever one guy who knew that she liked him, and he was a bastard (he told her he wanted to see if he got a better offer for the formal before asking her out) so she gave up on him. She tried giving what she sees as obvious hints, before she finally gets desperate enough to ask a friend to tell the guy that she likes him. But we know that doesn’t always work either.

Don’t expect them to ask you out, most girls aren’t after a puppy as their mate, they’re not looking for someone to train, and you don’t want the ones who are. If you can work out if they’re interested before it gets that far, unless you’re a completely loss, or if you’re posted to a place where there really are no available women (you’re at a mine for instance), but if it gets to the point where you get told someone likes you, I’ll put it this way-

You have a 2d6 bonus to your roll to success in asking them out to something, if it’s one of her close friends then make that 2d10, on the basis that her friends probably aren’t going to be that cruel to her. If that something is a coffee or lunch date, then add +2 as it’s harmless, if you fail by 5 or less they’ll bring their friends, finally you’ll get a penalty of about -25 if you ask them to go on an overseas trip with you.

If they like you, and they’re sane enough to worth being with, they will help you and try to keep you on track, but they’re women, so they can’t comprehend that guys simply don’t get hints, much the same way they can’t read maps or give directions.

There aren’t many times when it’s up to us to make a move, but we’re expected to start things (even if she was the ones who put everything in place for it, she still need to pretend you were the one who was interested and got things going, she didn’t make up the rules, don’t blame her for it).