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Sydney Riots as World of Warcraft PvP

They Sydney "riots" remind me of ganking in Hillsbrad. One side ganks, the other side gets some higher levels to help out. Then it gets to 60's on both sides comming. Then Southshore or Tarren Mill get attacked. And so on,... So I thought I'd use some of my experiences in World of Warcraft on the Blackrock server to illustrate this. (I'm Horde on Blackrock btw).

Alliance nubs gank Horde lowbies while they where questing in Hillsbrad. Horde get pissed off at this and complain. Alliance keep doing it and Horde complain some more.

Horde complain that the Alliance suck with their ganking and couldn't beat the Horde in a fair fight. Alliance challenge the Horde to an open pvp event of King of the Hill at Durnholde Keep because they get own all the time in the fair fights of Battlegrounds. 80 Horde show up and maybe 6 Alliance.

Blizzard got upset about all the people trying to hold a pvp event outside of Alterac Valley, Warsong Glutch or Arathi Basin (The Battlegrounds) so they kept restarting the servers in an attempt the cancel the event.

Horde won the pvp event and in retaliation Alliance went back raiding Sunrock Retreat, Splinter Tree Post and Zoram Outpost. Obviously to show they are hard and 0wnz3r @ PvP vs outnumbered, outleveled Horde lowbies who don't want to pvp outside of Battlegrounds with simular leveled and even teams of Horde vs Alliance.