The USS Quad Damage

Finger Frenzy

Years ago I remember playing Mortal Combat on nathans Amiga. To access the cheats in the Amiga version you did hit a combination of directions and attack buttons (up, down left, right, a, right, down for the megadrive) but the entire alphabet from start to finish 4 times in a row. Make one mistake and you have to start all over again.

On this note I'd like to point out Finger Frenzy. A cute little game where the idea is to enter the alphabet from a to z as fast as you can.

Another awesome game on the Amiga was Space Hulk. It was a first person shooter except it was tile based and you could have a squad of Space Marines.

My most striking memory of Space Hulk was one day when a bunch of us where at nathans taking turns to hold off as many of the Genestealers as we could in a dead end room. The best weapon for this was one with unlimited ammo that had a nasty dendency to jam at the worst possible times.

Now Genestealers where smart. Very smart. They'd hide around corners knowing full well the limits of your line of site. They'd jump out then move back behind cover so you'd waste ammo or risk jamming your weapon if you where a little too jumpie. Then when your weapon did jam a ton of them would rush you like there was no tomorrow.

I'm not sure if anyone did actually manage to beat the level. The closest we managed to get was when Simon made it back to the start and hit T hopeing it was for teleport. Unfortunatly it stood for terminate which you use to suicide Space Marines. It seems that in that mission you had to go somewhere else then to the start to finish the mission.

On a last note I think I have a full version of Space Hulk laying around somewhere. It is a dos version and was a bastard to get it to work years ago under much much older versions of windows than xp. I really should go and try and finish atleast one mission ;)