The USS Quad Damage

Celebrity Skin


Here's the thing. I'm not going to link to those pics, this blog has way too much class for that. The thing is, they're really not hot pics. I mean, there's pics of JA almost showing her nipples and they're far hotter looking than the pics of her sunbathing topless on a beach. The reason for this is simple. They've been airbrushed. Nobody wants to see wrinkly pictures of celebrities taken from an odd angle, because they're not really interesting. The reason these things get attention is simply the idea of perfectly airbrushed boobs in a sexy position.

Rubbing lotion on them simply to get a tan doesn't do it for me. It's far too practical. The truth is, JA is not all that. Most celebrities, when taken away from perfect lighting and expert photographers, aren't all that. Even Jessica Alba accidentally dropping a nip, despite her hotness, would likely not do it for me, unless done with consent and a professional photographer.

Her playing a console, even if it is an xbox, does do it for me, but that's a separate story. My point here is, we all love photoshop, and not the women it produces. Leave those poor topless sunbathing girls alone.