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Re: N3rd-C0r3 or Why I'll never get a date

OMG a Post from ME!!

I thought I should make this it's own post rather than a simple comment.

I consider myself a decent human being. Unfortunatly it is next to impossible baring some weird twise of fate to be a decent human being and actually find a mate. As far as I can tell this is why not.

Young human females date arseholes.

Older human females realise they can't have families or long term or non-abusive relationships with arseholes and switch to apparently prefering "Nice Guys"

Unfortunatly they prefer people who have dating experience over those who don't.

Since no one has actually dated any "Nice Guys" they are left over with the same arseholes they dated when they where young.

Arseholes ofcourse pretend to be "Nice Guys" since what women want are "Nice Guys" with dating experience which don't actually exist.

It's alot easier to pretend to be a "Nice Guy" over the short term than it is to pretend to have dating experience over the short term.

Yes this is a very simple model and you can tie up a few loose ends by adding.

Any "Nice Guy" whom actually does get dating experience is very quickly removed from the pool of single men.

This ofcourse leaves single women who aren't considered young with a pool of single, arseholes pretending to be "Nice Guys".

Arseholes never have to change because they have a steady stream of women to have short to medium term relationships with.

Women actually think that they can change arseholes even though it isn't in an arseholes interest to change unless they aren't getting any.

In conclusion both Arseholes and Women want short term pay offs but women complain that they don't get a longer term payoff when it's obvious they don't value it in any way shape or form.

Note: "Nice Guy" here is ofcourse refering to the abiguous definition of what personality qualities women apparently want in a guy. This is be summerised as someone who is acceptable and able to enter into and maintain a long term relationship.

Arseholes ofcourse refers to human males whom have the worst qualities of human beings.