The USS Quad Damage

I'm Back

Alas, my sabbatical has ended.

I have been away from the internet world for some time now, and I have many things to say. I can't say them all in this post, but lord knows I'll probably try (which is a bad thing) so be warned that you may need a flowchart to navigate through this.

Anyway, things are very different now since I last saw this blogger. I haven't read any past posts yet - and I'm not sure I will, I'm pretty lazy. Howcome I turned into an anime character? Is he fictional (as in, not a char, just drawn) or is he some gimp in some movie and I'm being made fun of? Either way is cool.

Update on me:
I now have cable internet at home. Broadband is something that I have wanted for a long time, but my old PC was so shit I couldn't have anything but dial-up (not even a single USB port). And since we dont have a home phone (land line), an internet connection was not possible at all for the past 18 months(?)

Finally, after many months of saving ( and mainly procrastination) I have invested in a new computer. An iMac ( - We got the 20in one.

Now, Mac is not a new concept to me. Lynette's family has always had a Mac at home - and I didnt have much trouble adapting to the basics when using their old iMac (90s version - looks like current eMac). So, in short, I kinda knew what to expect, and it wasn't a blind decision (mind you, switching from a PC to a Mac really isnt a hard thing to do - many concepts are exactly the same, it's just a matter of small adaptations. It's a home computer for goodness sake, it's not an alien spacecraft).

From memory (and I mean recent memory, not the memory of Macs in our primary school library), I pretty much fell in love with the Mac straight away - with the first real exposure being at Lynette's parents' place. Not that I had much to compare to, but I could really tell it was from good stock. It had an aura to it; a 'feel' to it. It was nice. You could even say that I had some sort of - connection with it. Not to mention I had constant reminders from Lynette's brother about how efficient Macs hardware was over ordinary PCs and how and why Macs are better.

In vast contrast to many opinions, things on the Mac just seem so effortless to me. Everything seems to be based on a new logic; one that is a more logical logic. Even the logistics have a logical logic (I ordered this thing on a Friday and got it delivered on the Monday) - okay that just ruined it.

Now, as you all know, I'm not a tech head. In fact, many would say that I'm as dumb as they come when it comes to this kinda stuff, and I won't put up a big fight (I'm an Arts student now - what defence do I have? - which, btw I'll get to later), and so my opinion on this stuff is not really well researched or backed up in anyway - but Macs are awesome! And for a Mac, I think this particular one that I got was extremely well priced and good value (I got the educational discount, so it was like $2,100 or something). I won't go into the tech specs, you can all read that for yourselves on the website.

For a long time now I have felt bored with computers; not really interested in making them better, or improving them in any way. But this has become a whole new experience for me. I'm actually genuinely interested in getting the best out of my Mac. And at this stage, I really feel like, contrary to a lot of public opinion about Macs being restrictive, there is a whole lot of opportunity out there for this. It's like there's this whole new (I hate to say it) elitist (but generally well intentioned) community out there of Mac owners (and 'believers') that I can learn from. It really is a different crowd.

Of course, everyone now thinks I need to wear an Apple polo shirt and a beret.

This (the new community, not the beret) just makes me feel like I have so much to learn and to experience - like a starstruck apprentice, I am in awe but impatient at the same time.

Now, I didn't want to go into much Mac stuff, as nathan may have already brought it up on here, but if there is something new I discover and get excited about, I might do a post on it. But, for now, I'm moving on.

In other news:
The main reason we decided now was the time to upgrade the computer and get a high speed internet connection at home was because I will be studying a Bachelor of Arts degree course next year through the University of New England. This was, some may say surprisingly, my first choice so I am very pleased. UNE has some of the best resources to manage distance eduation in the country. Opportunities, in some subjects, for 1:1 video links etc.

This means, though, that my spare time from next year, will be severely shortened. Working Full-time and studying Part-time will also be a great drain on my energy.

The subjects I have applied to enrol in are History and Linguistics, followed by Sociology and Aboriginal Studies in the following year. Typical humanities subjects I guess. My long term goal is to become a qualified Primary School teacher. Most likely in a regional or rural area. This is 8 or 9 years from now, so don't get too excited, I'm not leaving you yet.

The whole notion about making a difference with people in life might actually be realised, I feel, in teaching. Plus, the holidays are good.

I'm glad I'm choosing this pathway though. A BA is probably well suited to me. I have an opportunity to study many things I am interested in - talk to me about social topics/policy and politics and you'll get me going.

I still hate John Howard. I am still an idealistic Labour voter. I still believe in left-wing politics. I still prefer a progressive government over a conservative one. I still genuinely believe that Howard's 'WorkNoChoices' plan is one of the greatest turning points this country has ever seen [and lord knows I will be posting on that in the near future].

I'm still the same person as before I left you.

I just wear a beret now.