The USS Quad Damage

whatEVEr shall we do about griefing?

I'd like to bring your attention to the latest happenings in regards to online griefing. This latest and profound example has occured in Eve Online. What makes this different is the griefing is economically (within the game world) motivated, and the cost to the player (imo), in regards to time investment and breach of trust etc is a certain game breaker if not more.

Basically there are two examples (both large reading material), one which is orcastrated by 2 individuals in what appears to be an online version of a pyramid sort scheme. Whilst the second is much more involved, wherein a guild is sabotaged by some hired members (for over a year in real life time-frame) and then led into a trap where they are annihilated. A very brief summary is provided for those that don't want to read and follow the links to the previous links.

Discuss as you see fit. Personally this is somewhat awe inspiring and scary all the same, if I were the subject of this griefing (namely the 2nd example), I would certainly be very distraught!