The USS Quad Damage

I thought it was supposed to hurt...

I thought getting all my wisdom teeth removed was supposed to hurt. 40 hours later and the worst I had so far is how I still can't eat real food yet and my gums feel a little funny. Oh that and how I was spitting out chunks of blood when I woke up after the operation.

I'm slowly getting back into it, but still making some of the same mistakes as before. A week ago I saw someone sitting next to me on the train reading a guidebook so I asked where she was going. She smiled and we started to talk about NZ. A little while later she asked if I was getting off at Strathfield, I said no, and then she told me how much she enjoyed meeting me, to which I concurred and said bye. As she got up and left she gave me one of the nicest smiles I've seen. *sigh* it would've been so easy for me to ask for her number if I had just remembered to do so.

It seems I'm not the only person to get data corruption with a nforce 4 board, searching for "nforce 4 network corruption" will bring up plenty of hits, the keys points seem to be avoid Maxtor HDDs, and don't use the nvidia firewire/Ethernet acceleration.

I'm currently going through my HDDs trying to make a single non redundant copy of all my data, with maybe 400GB and 300k+ files, this is going to take a while... First thing I need to do is remove all the duplicates I have of the photos I've taken and put them onto DVDs, my guess is I have about 60 GB worth scattered across about seven HDDs.

I've found all sorts of strange issues with various program I've used, the whole time I'm scared that I would accidentally wipe out some files completely. I think I've got the hang of zsDuplicateHunter now though, although at the rate I'm going I'll run out of the 30 day trial before I'm done.