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Queen of Hearts

After nathan’s wierd stalker posts, I thought I’d give it a try. My stalker post is going to be about Kari Byron from Mythbusters. This might seem a strange choice considering the number of attractive women with game controllers, but after reading this, I’m sure you’ll all agree with me. Kari Byron has a website, which has a URL much shorter than the mythbusters website. Despite the fact it’s in flash (or some crap) I think it’s only fair to blame the person who designed it. What’s important is that it contains things she does as opposed to what she looks like.

There are a lot of girls who try and get by on looks alone. A lot of them don’t have looks to get by on. Kari has both, and uses only her talent to devastating ends. This completes the first of my four pre-requisites for attraction: Honour.

Having said that, she’s quite easy to look at. Kari’s quite an entertaining young gal. She’s always happy and has a big bright smile.

Her jokes are often amusing. In addition, she’s fearless and will often do extremely dangerous things like have water dripped on her head for long periods of time. She might cry, but she’ll do it. This completes the second of my four pre-requisites for attraction: Valour.

Kari also has an open mind and and a kind heart. She’s a vegetarian, and possibly believes in all sorts of crazy things. Having said that, she’ll gladly carve up human bones and flesh, as well as the bones and flesh of animals.

Kari has impeccable taste in clothes. I wish I had a pic of some of the more outrageous frilly things she’s worn on occasion, but I think the discerning viewer will notice the brilliance of the following outfit.

Kari is cool. That’s not even cool with a ‘k’. The proper, legit cool, like black people. She’s also on TV, where cool people should be. This completes the third of my four pre-requisites for attraction: Gloury!

Finally, Kari makes models of dragons. She’s good with her hands, and is on a show which nerds watch. This completes the final of my four pre-requisites for attraction: Dourks!