The USS Quad Damage


Work at Citect has been pretty good so far, I'm enjoying the work, I like the place and the people. The commute is very painful however; I think driving wouldn't be that much better, cycling in might actually be faster than the other options, but the bike tracks don’t extend that far.

I'm thinking about getting a Novated lease on a car and of moving to somewhere on the north shore, maybe somewhere between North Sydney and Chatswood. Who’s working where, is there anyone else thinking of moving out that way to cut down on the commute?

Do you guys have suggestions on a car that I’ll fit in, that doesn’t cost much to run, will protect me somewhat from other drivers and doesn’t choke on a moderate incline? Rough ideas of models and pricing, or if I should get something second hand.

I’ll seriously consider the car and moving after Christmas.

It's about 12 minutes to walk to work from Gordon station and there are a few crossing which I find frightening, the main road is the Pacific Highway, and roads coming off them are on a moderate incline, is at a angle, and one of them the highway has a bend and buildings in the way off seeing on coming traffic. Having a semi appear in front of me moving at high speed spooked me somewhat, I think I'll be much safer if I just ran over six lanes to the other side than risk those T intersections again.

My cousin's motherboard failed, it was a nforce 2 Leadtek board, I had the same model and mine failed about a year and a half ago, I just noticed that both have leaky capacitors, *sigh*, I swapped her board with a spare one I had.

I haven’t had a fast stable desktop machine for some time now, I bought a few parts on Sunday, and after fighting with windows to get it to install onto large HDDs with data on them, I bought a new HDD, and haven’t had any problems with my system since then even after running 3dmark 2003 overnight and prime95 for a full day, it’s quite a shock to me to have a machine that doesn’t have any apparent problems. One other neat thing about the computer so far is there is that there are currently two fans in the machine, one in the PSU and the other on the CPU. I’ll get another large one to cool the case later.