The USS Quad Damage

Team Choko: The return

nathan and I were writing a screenplay at one point. Where the hell has that gone? With nathan having a mac now, there's no excuse not to whip out our video cameras. Even though nathan might not actually have his anymore, we still have mine. I also have a 40 gig laptop drive so we can cart our stuff back and forth, and I assume nathan has some ridiculous amount of hard drive space.

I also intend to buy a big hard drive for myself, as well as more memory and some lights, but first we need a story. I momentarily thought about making a screenplay out of Quad Damage, but I realised quickly that a naval vessel would be hard to come by, not to mention a team of midget ninjas. It's probably better to go with "Synopsis: IN CAPS" (maybe we need a better title for the movie).

I should also do something about having the latest posts from Team Choko Productions here.