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Gay people can get fucked

I realised that I'd entirely liquidated my point when I admitted I had nothing against gay people. Here's the thing, I think I have a right to not like gay people. Shock!

Chris came up to me after he wrote his first comment and said "I wrote a comment on your blog"... The rest of the conversation is pretty pedestrian, and we kissed and made up (with tongue), but I distinctly got the impression that had I said "No irony, I just think gay people can get fucked" I would have to deal with a "lot of shit" (tm).

You know who else has had to deal with a "lot of shit" (tm)? Gay people!

Well, the statement above doesn't actually make sense. I mean, gay people aren't the borg or anything. I would argue against the whole concept of a "gay people", but hey, someone out there has had to cop shit, and not just on their penis. They wouldn't be so pissed off otherwise. You'd think they'd empathise with other people that have to deal with a "lot of shit" (tm).

If you put others in a position where they have to cop a "lot of shit" (tm), you're actually opressing them. Maybe you can argue with them about their opinions or something, but publishing a list with mailing addresses is not OK. Hell, asking someone if they don't like gay people, and judging them forever on that one point is not OK. Further, it's not even a list of people who want gay people to receive a "lot of shit" (tm). It's merely a list of people who think gay marriages are inappropriate. There can be a lot of reasons for that. People have opinions. They're based on the way they feel. You can't help the way you feel about something. There is a massive parallel between gay people and people who don't like gay people.

Maybe it's just been my life, but I've always seen gay people as the oppressor, not the oppressed. I've never actually seen serious "gay bashing". I have seen a lot of anti-gay bashing. Tharunka, our uni magazine, was at one point run by gay students (I guess they could've simply been supportive of gay students). It was filled to the brim with "gay issues". In fact, when I first went to uni I thought that maybe the uni was just filled with gay people, since the uni magazine is supposed to represent, you know, issues that students care about. The mag was actually pretty hostile towards heterosexuals in general.

Anyway, from the letters segment it kind of became clear that the mag did not in fact represent the student body in general, but their attitude was "go read another mag, you hetero bastard." Considering it was our union fees going into this mag, I was not impressed. They went so far as to have a really patronizing cartoon basically telling all their hetero readers to fuck off. The last panel has the straight person saying (paraphrased) "Oh, I understand now. I have plenty of other magazines I can buy!"

The point is, there's a stigma associated with voicing your opinions about gay people that is not associated with similar types of prejudice like race or profession. It pisses me off that the gay community can employ such tactics to censor the citizens, considering the way it's been treated.