The USS Quad Damage


So brainsnorkel and girtby have been doing the Anniversary thing, which seemed more an excuse to have fancy graphs showing their MASSIVE userbase. However, it got me thinking "Holy the FUCK, we've been going since October 2003, and we only get like 5 people visiting each day... on a GOOD day".

Actually, technically that's not true. The first post on this blog proper was on May 2004. We just cut and paste our little diaries to make it SEEM like it went back to October 2003. However, we have not been able to garner the attention of similar blogs like the pastry / ninja themed "Cookie Vengeance" blog. We haven't even really managed to garner modest attention, and I believe it's because we generally focus on ourselves, instead of less important topics like politics, technology, and porn, which most blog sites are known for. Even our foray into fiction has gone unnoticed. Even Team Choko Productions has not been updated in a long time.

Part of the blame must lie with me. The design of the site is 'ala cheapskate', involving much javascript downloading of external pages. I should probably find a way to fix this, and improve the site's design overall. The high-res header may be scalable (try it, increase and decrease text size) but most browsers don't render it too well, and it ends up being a huge crap logo. I promise to fix this in the near future. I guess I may well be underestimating our audience. Being awesome, as they all surely are, they probably only read the RSS feeds, which are complete, as opposed to other sites, which only have summaries in the feeds. I should probably change to summaries too, since the entire point of RSS is that it ought to be small.

The other problem is the contributing base. Paulo's recently been doing stuff, which is great (and getting a lot of attention, even though it's personal), but the only real posters for a long time have been me and nathan. Michael gets in every now and then (which is good, even if it's just a pic). tim is rarely seen, but when he is he writes good stuff. Moh doesn't even know he has an account on here. Harpreet is no longer on the internet, and practically not even on the planet anymore.

I'll get Tristan posting here for his adventures in Japan, so that should pick things up (hopefully it'll be in japanese, which would be cool, coz that would make it a bilingual blog!).

Anyway, expect good things for the future.