The USS Quad Damage

An actual conversation with Paulo

Paulo is a champion. I call him "porno" because conversation invariably turns to women when talking to him. Either that or particle physics, but "porno" still feels strangely relevant in my mind. Anyway, you can guess what this was about:

(00:48:30) Paulo Lai: Do you have time for it anyway?
(00:48:32) foobear: I don't think we're the getting out type
(00:48:43) foobear: (well, maybe Michael)
(00:48:48) foobear: Also, I'm too damn cheap!
(00:49:04) Paulo Lai: lol, who said you needed to spend money?
(00:49:14) foobear: It's a rule dude
(00:49:33) foobear: even if you both decide not to spend any, your cash just flows out spending time together
(00:49:42) Paulo Lai: Ok, I've spent more on her than my other close friends, but not by much at all
(00:50:15) Paulo Lai: I spent as much on gifts on her as at least three of my other friends
(00:50:27) foobear: dude
(00:50:30) foobear: female friends?
(00:50:44) Paulo Lai: And it's not like you can't think of anything you can do that doesn't involve money
(00:51:15) Paulo Lai: I have more female friends than male, I bought one of my male friends a VoIP adaptor for his birthday
(00:51:17) foobear: sure, like walking in parks
(00:51:25) foobear: VOIP!
(00:51:28) Paulo Lai: I like art galleries, they're mostly free
(00:51:46) Paulo Lai: Yep, I think that's 2 or 3X the most expensive thing I bought her
(00:51:49) foobear: hehe *cheapskate tips from Paulo!*
(00:51:55) foobear: *theme music*
(00:52:08) Paulo Lai: Seriously, what are you trying to achieve if you spent a lot of money on her?
(00:52:35) foobear: keeping her well fed and happy?
(00:52:46) foobear: I hear girls like shiny things mined from underground
(00:52:55) Paulo Lai: Really?
(00:53:02) foobear: TOTALLY DUDE!
(00:53:04) Paulo Lai: I never got her any of that and she can't let me go
(00:53:13) foobear: they just don't like the dirty guys who mine it.
(00:53:33) foobear: Well, that's just your musk!
[Note: At this point, I realised just how cool the word musk is. It was a zen moment of sorts, and I finally saw Harpreet's strange obsession with it]
(00:54:08) Paulo Lai: lol, you go and believe the marketers who are trying to sell you that crap
(00:56:08) foobear: MUSK!!!
(00:58:21) Paulo Lai: Ok, final thing before I change the topic so you can calm down, I did so so much better when I stopped trying to do things for them and buy things for them and so forth... I stayed nice, but I stopped trying to bribe them to be nice to me
(00:58:45) foobear: do you have a goatee?
(00:58:47) Paulo Lai: I have time though
(00:58:49) Paulo Lai: Nope
(00:59:01) foobear: hmm... but you DID have a goatee at some point, yes?
(00:59:16) Paulo Lai: Hmm.. when I forgot to shave for a day or two? I still do that now
(00:59:20) foobear: AHA!
(00:59:24) foobear: Goatee == MUSK!
(00:59:30) Paulo Lai: That hasn't changed
(00:59:57) Paulo Lai: No, it didn't help me in high school or earlier on at uni
(01:00:02) foobear: Go on, talk about anything, I'll sneak that word in everywhere
(01:00:28) Paulo Lai: You're crazy, how large is Avaya's here?
(01:00:28) foobear: Have you heard about that new VoIP technology cisco are working on?
(01:00:33) Paulo Lai: Which one?
(01:00:34) foobear: it's called M.U.S.K.
(01:00:43) Paulo Lai: Good night
(01:00:48) foobear: hehe
(01:01:59) foobear: do you mind if I blog this?
(01:02:13) Paulo Lai: Yes as you're being an idiot
(01:02:20) foobear: COME ON!!!
(01:02:31) foobear: read that back. It's absolutely fantastic
(01:02:34) foobear: comedy gold

I love me. Unfortunately, I'm the only one :'( *cue melancholic music*