The USS Quad Damage

Watch me copy Penny Arcade

Nintendogs, is that a game about pet ownership or black people? Who knows? Also, Shenmue 3, it's like people are thinking about it or something. I'm sure nathan is excited.

It looks like the Revolution is not going to be as cheap as imagined. It's (rumour has it) going to be significantly weaker and not much cheaper than the PS3, which could be very bad for Nintendo. I have a hypothesis for this. It's a simple one, but I think it's fair.

I think Nintendo is not going to sell their product at a loss, whereas I believe the PS3 will be sold at some minimal loss. The reason for this is because Sony are following the traditional model: Charge the games companies to make the product on their console. Make the money off the titles. OTOH, I believe Nintendo will be making an actual monetary profit off their Revolution. Why?

Because they want a revolution in gaming, and they can't do it alone. They want to be able to give people the power to make "indie" games. Because they're so afraid of piracy, they don't want it to be their problem anymore. I believe this because they're going to give away all their older titles (after all, people could buy the revolution and simply download the old titles without ever buying a single game).

I can only hope for good things here, but I also fear that any hacker may just buy the PS3 and break that rather than buy the (hopefully) more open Revolution. Hell, in a way I want to do that, because why would I pay almost as much as a PS3 to get something far less powerful? (and then I think, because I can make games on it!)