The USS Quad Damage

I'm a sick boy

I hate being sick. I'd written a massive post about how being sick is shit. I clicked "save as draft" and the login prompt appeared. The post disappeared. This isn't the first time that's happened. When you're feeling a bit under the weather, when your senses are a little damp, when you can't remember the joke you made about snot, tissues, and paper mache, it really pisses you off when blogger fucks up.

Basically, the moral of the story was: never actually wish you were sick.

My inner ear is fucked, and everyone's talking is really loud and annoying. Is it just me or do my parents and little brother always watch really loud indian action movies when I'm sick.

I seem to get sick more often than other people. I may have a low immunity or something. If there is a god, he fucked me over. If not, I only have my parentage to blame, although it's probably actually my fault. Everyone sucks, and blogger sucks too. Fucking sucks shit. I usually side with technology, but web-apps, when they suck, suck hard. We're back to the days of fucking terminals with 2400 baud modems. Fucking shit cock. Microsoft and Apple also suck shit. Anyone who uses them must like anal rape with rough, pointed objects. Linux is also shit, but at least you can fuck with it if it doesn't work. FUCK.